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ODZentury 100K

Join TeamODZ for an ODZentury as we lend a hand to all those doing longer endurance miles out there! Have you wondered where Zone 2 ends and Zone 3 begins for you? Well, this is the ride to answer that question. Come for the whole ride or drop in. The time window should allow most to finish a Metric Century with the group and many continue on. Let’s see how long we can keep the ride going! This ride is not in events due to the dropin/drop out nature. Ride leads may switch in the ride based on availability.

***RIDE Format***

2.5 Ride typically Steady state

3.0 Ride typically ladder format of some scheme ranging between 3.0-3.5

***Gear*** Obviously, TeamODZ kit preferred…but it you don’t have it….yet…..The ODinatiZ are big fans of “The MEN in Black”…Radavist, strava premium, Imperial Century, Soigeneur…you get it. If possible, avoid Level20 pink or CRCANY bright yellow kit as ride leads may be using it.

Tron bikes preferred……if you got it, flaunt it!!

**Tag** ODZ2.5 or ODZ3, ODZ3.0 are great. Ride leads may call out to individual riders with ODZ tags to join the group

Please, No TT bikes if possible.

If you’re coming in mid-ride choose to ride with other riders with the same speed tag you’re looking for BUT before you hit ride start pedaling up to full speed so your avatar hits the ground going. It will give you the best chance to message us to let up and get you in the draft. The other option is to jump on as we come by as you warm up, the longest wait you’ll have maybe 15 min. We will call out locations as we go.

Ride Leaders will periodically group text their location on the course so others can join.


Please utilize discord if possible since the mobile app may not display rider location when you need it the most!!!


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