Moor Power Cycling Team

The Moor Power Cycling Team is a Zwift eTeam created by the cyclist of DC, Maryland & Va tri-state area. The Moor Power Cycling team has officially created the Moor Power Criterium.

MPC’s Mission

To increase the power and effectiveness of cyclists training using indoor training methods. We also seek to make cycling accessible to people who may not have the time or capability to ride outside. MPC will conduct online training sessions to develop each riders training value.

MPC Chat

On our website and in game we use Discord (Voice Chat) Instead of using the Zwift messaging system. Discord allows us to communicate via voice and not text.

Groups & Important Info:

  • Please add (MPC) to the end of your name to help identify all racers.
  • To join our Discord Race Chat follow the instructions HERE.

Moor Power Stats

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