Moor Power Training Loop

Join the Moor Power Training Loop – this ride is designed to add more power to those longer endurance distances! The time window is 120min of a flat course and we strive to keep the power levels at 3.2 the entire ride. If you do not make the 6:15EST start, find my name “J. Brown” in the rider list and select ride with (don’t forget to set your course to “Group Riders Near By”).

Event & Important Info:

  • To join our Discord Race Chat follow the instructions HERE.
  • Please, direct questions to ride leader Jamel Brown, I will have “MPC LEAD after my name.
  • Starting at Thursday 6:15 PM EST
  • Please wear black kit if you have it.
  • ***RIDE Tag***  “MPC”

Route/Course Selection:

The specific course will be the flat ones like Volcano Circuit CCW, Richmond Flat Roads, London Classique Forward if I make any changes to the route I will post the notifications on

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