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Discord Chat with zLeague.TV on ZWIFT

Written by iam Jamel Brown

During a team cycling race, we all know how important is to be able to chat with your fellow teammates. As many of you know the eSports game #zwift has seen an explosion in the racing division, gaining more and more talent by the min at and We also understand when cycling on Zwift its much more enjoyable to be able chat without keyboard, even if your not currently in game!

We would like all of you racers and casual riders to join our Moor Power Cycling chat with the link below. One of the better features of Discord is that it can be used from your phone leaving all of your computer resources dedicated to handling the Zwift game or you can use it as just another software on your computer. The sounds quality is on par with other VOIP services containing features like noise suppression, echo cancellation, and more.

This is our instant join link tt is especially helpful trying to quick join our group channels.

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